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Coldspring Rememberances

If you would like to make a submission to the Remembrances Section, please CLICK HERE.

If you have a pet, please be considerate by keeping it on a leash and cleaning up after it. Please do not allow your dog's barking to disturb your neighbors.

If a dog's barking is disturbing you, please let the owners know that their dog is disrupting the peace. If the barking continues, please call 311. To make sure the City takes action, submit a written complaint to:

Bureau of Animal Control

301 Stockholm Street

Baltimore, MD 21230

Call them at 410-396-4698 to follow up.

The first complaint results in a visit from the Animal Shelter. The second and third written complaints result in $100 and $300 fines, respectively. The fourth written complaint results in the seizure of the animal and removal from the premises.

Cottage Room Rental

The CCA is offering the use of the cottages main room to rent for small gatherings. It will be available to all members in good standing of the Coldspring community. A minimal charge is asked to help defray the cost of improvements made to the cottage. Please contact 410-664-6341 during CCA office hours to discuss availability.

Money Power Day

May 11, 2013 - Dorothea Stierhoff of Clove Terrace volunteered for the ‘Money Power Day’ at Poly/Western. This Free annual event allows community members access to a shredder and resources, tools and support to change one’s financial future.